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Food Recipes
Lite For Life Cuisine Kitchen

Lite For Life Cuisine Kitchen

Food Preparation with a Flair
Have your Family say "Please Make this again"
Kitchen - Lite for Life Cooking and Cuisine

Kitchen - Lite for Life Cooking and Cuisine

Healthy Family Recipes

Here is your place for unique 'lite for life' recipes - cooking for your family, cooking for your friends. Daily or fanciful cuisine is easy to master with these tried and tested recipes from the kitchens of "The Three Josies". Food for your body but nutrition for your mind and soul!

Looking for Cooking Baking tips? This is where you will get your answers and ideas for things you thought weren't possible.

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  Any Time is Beef Barbecue Time
Beef Cooking Recommendations
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Entertaining Recipes - Entertaining Friends & Family

Whether it's feeding the NHL Hockey, NCAA Basketball, FIFA World Cup Soccer or the Baseball crowd or simply entertaining at home, these are guaranteed instant hits! Serve two excellent appetizers at your Tailgate Party or Backyard Bash. Check out our Carbonata Antipasto and Clam Dip recipes below.

 About the Three Josies

Josie (Josephine), a loving mommy of seven children, successfully passed on her innovative and creative culinary talents to her three daughters Sharon, Julie and Janet. The close Mother-Daughters relationship was apparent in both talents and mannerisms. Thus Sharon, Julie and Janet became known as "The Three Josies”. Each of the four even had a "The Three Josies" t-shirt.

These four 'chefs du la famille' create food dishes that bring ultimate pleasure to the palette. Whether at family or at house parties, foods served by “The Three Josies” always illicits the question “Where did you get this delicious recipe!” and would culminate with “You have to serve this again, this is a keeper!”.

It is in the loving memory of Josie, the kitchen of “The Three Josies” continues to imagine, test and share their 'love of food ' creations. From “The Three Josies” Kitchen to your Kitchen. From our family to your your family.


FREE Nutrition Information and Future News and Information From Home and Body How ToFREE Nutrition Information and Future News and Information From Home and Body How ToBased on Canada's Food Guide for Healthy Living, you can secure your FREE copy of THREE guides (PDF format) which help you read and interpret Nutrition Information on Food Labels.
Lite For Life Recipes
Table of Contents
Lite for Life©  Recipes - Favorite Appetizer and Main Dishes

Lite for Life© Recipes - Favorite Appetizer and Main Dishes

Almond SquaresLite for Almond Squares dessert recipe. These Chewy Almond squares are perfect for special times throughout the year – wedding showers, baby showers and, always at Christmas time.
Clam Dip RecipeYou don't need to wait until you are having a party. We've been serving up Clamor for Carl's Clam Dip for over 30 years! Children and adults alike will clamor for more...just listen to the compliments about your Clam Dip!
Cauliflower SoupThis cauliflower soup makes a satisfying lunch when served with chunks of freshly baked crusty bread and a lite salad.
Chicken Noodle SoupHomemade chicken noodle soup has not only been served at every Christmas Day dinner but has been a staple year round in my family for generations. Growing up in a Ukrainian/Croation home meant having great meals every day! And homemade chicken noodle soup is still one of my all time favorites. Thanks Mommy!
ChutneyThis is a chutney recipe is about healthy alternatives. It was inspired by Stoneface Dolly's1 chutney served by Amy Monpetit, a Health EducatorChutney. Chutney may be served with chicken, beef or vegetable curries or with non-curry fare such as roast chicken, beef or even baked haddock. This recipe makes enough for 30 people!
Deviled EggsAlways the first to go is this excellent, easy to prepare deviled egg appetizer, making it a must to add to any pot-luck get together. or buffet table.
Eggnog - Low CalorieConcerns about high calorie counts, fat, cholesterol and sugar content need not take away from celebrating the holidays. With lighter versions of favorite recipes you can still enjoy the toasting the season with our lighter version of a familiar favorite – eggnog. A homemade eggnog recipe.
FishcakesFishcakes bring back memories of rainy spring Saturdays when these cakes were served along with home-style beans as a deep down satisfying comfort food. Not suitable for freezing.
Roasted GarlicEnjoy Roasted Garlic as a spread on crackers or bread, add to sauces, soup, pasta, baked potatoes and stuffing mixes.
Healthy 3 Fruit DrinksWhen you want something lite, nutritious and tasty for a quick breakfast, or a snack in the late afternoon, these Healthy Fruit Drinks are the perfect choice. Perfect for weight watchers and the healthy eating conscious.
SunRise Smiles CocktailEnjoy this fruity and thoroughly delicious cocktail any time of the day. Good for you and good for all ages as an effective thirst quencher. Serve refreshing drink during outdoor recreation, sport activity or while playing a family board game at home. Lite for Life SunRise Smiles Cocktail effective thirst quencher for all ages
Farmland Oatmeal & Flax CookiesLite for Life Farmland Oatmeal and Flax cookie recipe. Delicious crispy cookies from Sister Sharon who found this recipe on the internet. I've modified the recipe a bit to suit our family's tastes. Enjoy!
Macaroon CookiesLite for Life Macaroons cookie recipe for dessert. The exotic and delicate flavor of coconut, a satisfyingly chewy sugar based delicacy with the crunchiness of a golden baked bottom all packaged in the light texture of whipped egg whites with a hint of vanilla – macaroons are a treat for all ages. Inspired by a recipe book from childhood – Purity Cook Book, this recipe is one shared over time with family and friends.
Pancakes-OatmealDelicious for a hearty pancakes for a weekend breakfast, brunch or lunch served with fresh fruit, sausages, peameal bacon and scrambled eggs.
Mixed Vegetable SaladThis recipe was inspired by a delicious salad served at Ottawa University Alumni Restaurant in 2007. Just right sized vegetables which have marinated in a savory dressing is a meal in itself. For healthy at work or school lunches, this easy to prepare salad will become one of your favorites. A great dish for taking along on a picnic, or a welcome addition to a potluck dinner.
Salad With Apple CIder DressingPerfect for everyday fare or for a dinner party. This delicious salad is an elegant easily made nutritious tossed green salad with a tasty dressing that is sure to add the 'wow' factor to meals with family and friends.
Sushi Rolls ExtraordinaireA perfect appetizer for a party or family get together. These delicious sushi rolls will disappear quickly. So you should have a second platter ready.
Sweet Potato Coconut BakeSweet potatoes are a favorite dish at our house – plain boiled, oven fries and now a sweet potato easy oven casserole dish that is as satisfying as a family side dish as it is an easy take-along dish to potluck dinners.
TiramisuLite for Life Tiramisu dessert recipe. Tiramisu is a dish that has as many variations as there are homes in Italy. A stronger brew of coffee in one home, a little more sugar preferred by another family – this creamy rich dish is made to each family's personal taste preferences and that is what will make it your family's dessert. Just make sure that you use mascarpone as it is the single ingredient that makes the real difference in this creamy, cool and satisfying dessert dish.
Tofu ChiliA little heat. A lot of flavor. This meatless chili dish hits the spot for a fast, nutritious and delicious supper.
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Myth Busting Cooking with Beef
Beef Cooking - Tried and True Cooking Recommendations

Beef Cooking - Tried and True Cooking Recommendations

The folks went to the lab to investigate some tried-and-true cooking recommendations to see how true they are. Here is the scoop on some of their findings.


Myth #1 Let beef stand at room temperature prior to cooking.

In a word - NO! Internal temperatures of roasts and steaks sitiing out of the refrigerator created food safety risks that far outweighed any small quality benefits - even with a standing time of just 15 minutes. So just  SAY NO - keep meat refrigerated prior to cooking. 

Myth #2 Cook burgers until no longer pink inside and juices run clear.

This will put an end to the color confusion. Numerous studies have proven that you cannot judge beef doneness by looking at its color or juices. Burgers can be brown in the center even when they are not cooked through OR pink even when they are cooked. Cook burgers to an internal temperature of 160 degrees F (71 degrees C), testing temperature with a digital rapid-read thermometer to determine if they are cooked properly.

Myth #3 Grilling is best done with the lid up.

Cooking with the lid down when grilling has advantages. Keeping the lid down, like you do for indirect or rotisserie roasting, cooks the meat faster and more evenly. The more you lift the lid, the longer it takes to cook.

Myth #4 Piercing meat will cause it to be dry and tough.

Half myth, half truth. If you pierce meat while grilling juices are lost and flare ups can occur. Specifically, it was found that piercing an Inside Round Roast before cooking and letting it rest for 24 hours (refrigerated of coourse) improved tenderness. So piercing before cooking helps tenderize the beef.

Myth #5 You shouldn't season beef with salt before cooking.

The practice of salting before cooking beef was thought to toughen and dry meat. It was found that meat allowed to stand after salting did have increased loss in juices, however, there were also benefits. Steaks salted just before cooking had lower cooking losses and scored higher for flavor, browning, juiceness and overal tenderness. An added bones: you'll likely find you need less salt for seasoning if done prior to cooking since more complex flavors, other than a salt flavor, develop during cooking.





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